Happy Friday! Well we have had it! We finally got so fed up with people telling us we were over-reacting about the garbage shackles politicians keep trying to slap on women, we decided to take some folks to school.  Check out the first lesson and watch our very own Molly Gaebe sound off on a lie-filled booklet that many states give out to people seeking abortions called… wait for it … “A Woman’s Right to Know.” Yeesh!

Well, at LPJL, we believe in A Woman’s (Or However You Identify) Right to NO!  

We also started the week saluting a woman’s right to NO, by noting the end of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) at the end of April. In a world full of predatory types from the convicted (Cosby… and you know, not that many else)  to the at large (#MuteRKelly), it’s important to extend that awareness of assault to the rest of the year.

And we have the right to say NO to the bullshit legislation that is threatening the lives and livelihoods of women and pregnant people throughout this country. It seems that the states are seeing how low they can go in banning abortion completely. Louisiana is now trying to ban after 15 weeks, Iowa is still pushing this unconstitutional “fetal hearbeat” mess which would ban after 5-6 week. And for a brief moment South Carolina tried to top the insanity by adding a last-minute ban on ALL abortions to a bill. Thankfully, it did NOT pass and will be tabled for the year. So shouts to South Carolina for not winning the race to the bottom of the barrell.

While abortion is still legal, they’ll keep on doing the kind of creepy crap we told you about with Title X, the federal program that millions of low-income people rely on for family planning. New rules to defund abortion clinics will end up also denying patients the other services they supply, including birth control, and screening for STD’s and cancer. But they’ll still try to do it.

“They” are the people (mostly men) in the state houses and the White House and think tanks and the phony “family values” orgs and the fake clinics and the anti-choice media machine. They drive this assault on reproductive rights and freedom. They’re the ones we’re standing up to. Because it isn’t just what you NO, it’s who you NO!