Happy October!

This week the world of commerce began marketing Halloween, fall, and the joys of steaming hot Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes! People who get OCD about things like the calendar might point out that’s IT’S STILL AUGUST and the temperature outside is hot enough to melt aluminum.

So why are we being force-fed autumnal imagery when most of the country is under a heat advisory? Because the people who want to sell you things have to keep one step ahead of you. And that’s even more important for those people who want to take away the things you have—like repro rights.

They’re marketing and pushing and planning and plotting constantly, and this week was just another shit-storm of their machinations. Sometimes they’re as crude (but diabolically effective) as papering a neighborhood with anti-choice flyers full of gory images… and pictures and home address information of clinic doctors just in case any unhinged abortion foe might want to pay them a visit.

It’s potentially even worse when the plots are coming from statehouses and legislatures. We saw that strategy in the unrelenting attacks on Planned Parenthood and independent clinics that we told you about this week in states from South Carolina to Pennsylvania. (The low point had to be when the Governor of South Carolina called ALL women’s healthcare that didn’t involve pregnancy as “preconception care.” We thought “preconception” was an opinion you had before you got the facts. Turns out, it’s just a term for women before they become fetal storage containers.)

They force their POV down society’s throat by shouting the loudest and the longest, whether they’re the red-faced Scream Teams outside of clinics, or wannabe intellectuals trying to bury the simple concept that a person’s body is their own under a shit-pile of false equivalencies and bogus arguments pushed with money and media control.  

The biggest piece of crap currently being marketed is something we’ll be stuck with for life if we can’t stop it, and of course that’s the rights-killing virus known as potential Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. And if you don’t want to come down with a chronic case of Kavangaugh Patriarchy Virus (KPV,) then help us at LPJL to stop the epidemic.

The people at Starbucks want you to think it’s autumn already. The people pushing Brett Kavanaugh want you to think it’s 1920. Let them know that you know what time it really is.