Don’t make us gag!

The oppressive forces have a message for anyone with a mind of their own and a body that they’re determined to own—and that message is—STFU! Shut your mouth, plug your ears, cross your legs and turn off your brain… or we’ll do it for you.

We’re used to the womb raiders in this administration making us want to gag. This week they were doing everything in their power to make sure we DID gag. As part of their “compliance through enforced silence” program, this week the puritanical minions were pushing two new diktats actually designed to gag anyone who values truth.

As we told you on Monday (along with a heads-up about the latest in Bigfoot erotica), the administration has since Day One applied something called the Global Gag Rule. It’s not telling the world to shut up—it’s worse. It denies U.S. foreign aid to any international groups that provide abortion services. So yeah, they’re trying to make the world as ignorant as they’re making this country. And they’re killing people in the process. A new study shows Trump’s Gag Rule ends up harming clinics that are leading the fight against AIDS overseas. Great, the American mania for shutting down clinics goes global. Gag!

And this administration also has a thing for domestic gags (and you know something called that must exist in the bondage underworld.) The Trumpistas are pushing for a gag rule for Title X, which provides family planning for low-income people. Under the new rule, doctors who get Title X funding couldn’t even let pregnant patients who are weighing their options know about abortion providers. They don’t want pregnant people to know that the option even exists. If you can’t destroy repro rights right now, just hide them for the time being. Gag Again!  

But here’s the opposite of gagging! (Discuss amongst yourselves what that would actually be). On Tuesday we BEGGED you to contact the Health & Human Services because it was the final day to object to pussy posse plots to ice Planned Parenthood out of being able to get any funding for Title X programs—even though abortion services are already explicitly excluded.

Well, your comments (and our begging) did it! We’re happy AF to tell you the on Thursday we found out that Planned Parenthood will continue to be eligible for Title X funding!  

BUT, in a weird move, HHS didn’t say how the grant awards would be for each organization. So there still might be weasel plans to short-sheet Planned Parenthood’s cancer screenings and instead shovel most of the money to the kind of “abstinence only” charades that evangelical armies have insisted be eligible for Title X money. Who needs mammograms when you can have some bloodless holy roller lecturing you on why only sluts have sex?

We’ll keep you updated on the Title X story. In the meantime, if you don’t want to end up gagging, keep refusing everything this administration tries to force down our throats!