Oh, the places you’ll go crazy! If you ever wonder why LPJL spends so much of its time in places like Alabama or Kentucky or Texas, it’s because that’s where the assholes who are trying to take away your reproductive rights are… just like they’re in California, New York, and Hawaii. When it comes to defending repro rights, every state is the place to be.

And if there ever was a week that demonstrated the twisted rainbow of ways that the bustling beaver-baiters of reproductive retroactivity are working to undermine your rights, it was this week. Fat-head ayatollahs for Jesus all over America were issuing fatwas against abortion rights left and right. OK, mostly right. Here’s a sick sampler:

In a neat little ploy to pit repro rights people against disability advocates, UTAH became the latest state to try and outlaw abortion in cases of Down syndrome. NEW MEXICO barely beat back a scheme to force abortion providers to send registered letters to the parents and guardians of minors seeking abortion care, and OHIO tightened the snares on their insidious TRAP laws. In TENNESSEE they moved to require ultrasounds for those seeking an abortion, AND—just in case that wasn’t sanctimonious enough—they began a push for a “monument to unborn children” at the state capitol. Get your Statue of Fetus snowglobes here!

OK, breathe! Aaaand here’s some more: MISSISSIPPI moved to become the first state to impose a 15-week ban on abortions (“You’re pregnant… time’s up!”), IOWA moved to pass a fetal heartbeat bill, WEST VIRGINIA began trying to amend their state constitution to ban abortion, and SOUTH DAKOTA decided it would be fun and sadistic to force those who want an abortion to undergo a mandatory visit to a fake clinic nightmare castle.  

That’s pretty much the gamut of gruesome, and it’s just this week! That’s why we’re out there—because the nutjobs we’re fighting are REALLY out there! And that’s the week that was.