Monday was the 45th anniversary of Roe v Wade, and the gyno-gremlins who had spent the prior weekend in a frenzy of fetal-philia gave our dear Roe v Wade the crap-most anniversary gifts ever!

America’s dangling phallus FLORIDA considered a bill to permanently provide state funding to fake clinics. Purple-not-quite-yet VIRGINIA killed two progressive abortion bills, INDIANA (aka Pence-sylvania) wants to force clinics to report “complications” to the politicians, TEXAS, well, just kept on being Texas, this time with the gift of more Planned Parenthood plotting. Even MINNESOTA sent along a complimentary ultrasound bill! Oh, and the US Senate is still working on a lovely national 20-week abortion ban, made with craft supplies from Hobby Lobby, no doubt. Where is the returns department, please?!

On the other hand (the one you don’t wipe your ass with), NEW JERSEY is  moving fast to restore funds to Planned Parenthood, WASHINGTON state is pushing to require health insurers to cover abortion care, and in SOUTH DAKOTA a corporate angel (much love to Wildfang!) is helping to keep the state’s only clinic up and running!

OK, that first list is longer, but we’ve got 51 weeks until the next anniversary of Roe v Wade, and we’re going to spend those weeks making change that we can celebrate all year long. And that’s the week that was.