We thought that the week of the State of the Union address would be a good time to look at the State of the Uterus. Surprise, surprise—the same creepy misogy-nasties that want to tear apart our union are trying to do the same thing to our uteri.

This week the Dark Turtle Lord of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, failed to pass a national 20-week abortion ban, but that hell bill is on automatic reload for the next time they want to try. It also came out this week that the anti-choice chupacabra that Trump put in charge of Refugee Resettlement tried to go all Mengele and do an “abortion reversal” on an immigrant girl with an unproven voodoo technique that they’re obsessed with.    

The view from the state level was just as grim, as this peek at the dystopian future of the coming year’s legislative landscape from Rewire shows. Already, INDIANA is trying to intentionally steer people to fake clinics, sending their already ugly maternal mortality numbers into meltdown. SOUTH CAROLINA is pushing the “personhood” ploy, and MISSISSIPPI has decided that a 20-week abortion ban doesn’t meet their quotient of chaos, so they’re pushing a 15-week ban!

Yes, there are flashes of light in the darkness. WASHINGTON State is trying to expand access to contraception and abortion care, and a judge blocked the fetal remains burial bill in TEXAS. And most encouragingly, a new poll shows that public support for abortion rights is higher than ever. We just need leadership that reflects that support, and the State of the Union and the Uterus can only get better. And that’s the week that was.