Well we’re going to the Supreme Court again for an abortion rights case identical to the case we won in 2016 in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt. What is different? Did some new study come out that said suddenly admitting privileges at hospitals WERE necessary? NOPE NOPE NOPE all that’s changed is the court bench. 

Let’s be clear: state legislatures SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED to just keep passing blatantly unconstitutional laws. Their blatant disregard for precedent is disgusting. They’re playing with people’s safety and access entirely for political reasons. We say this a lot but since they’re repeating themselves we get to too: THERE IS NO LOGICAL WAY YOU ARE HELPING THE “SAFETY” OF PATIENTS BY CLOSING DOWN CLINICS. 

These hospital admitting privilege laws are about shutting down clinics. Plain and simple. A doctor could be denied admitting privileges for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with their abilities. A lot of Catholic hospitals aren’t going to give privileges to an abortion doctor. 

Frankly, it’s offensive that we have to take this to the Supreme Court again. It’s offensive that lower courts allow this, it’s offensive that politicians allow this. There is absolutely nothing of value in this despicable law, it is … again… ENTIRELY MADE TO SHUT DOWN CLINICS. 

Louisiana has the second highest maternal mortality rate in the United States. That’s something that the state’s politicians could ACTUALLY be fixing. Instead they’ve traded their duty for anti-abortion propaganda. Forcing people to give birth in a state that doesn’t protect pregnant people is disgusting.

We hope that when this case is decided, the Supreme Court sends a clear message that states cannot just blatantly ignore precedent to further their unhelpful, cruel agendas. 

Until then we encourage everyone to sign up for Center for Reproductive Rights alerts to stay up to date on the case! You KNOW you’ll see us on the steps of the Supreme Court a lot next year!  Join us and get your marching shoes READY!