It’s all too much.

It was the Week from Hell—and Hell is far from empty. Get set for 2018. But first, let’s recap  last seven days.

First & worst, we had the attack of the GOP tax bill that screwed everybody from—well, everybody who won’t be celebrating New Year’s at Mar-a-lago. We told you the many ways this nightmare bill hurts reproductive health, including undermining Obamacare and making maternity care more expensive. And as always, it targets the most vulnerable.

Oops! Did we just say “vulnerable”? Now we’ll never work for the CDC. It came out this week that the Trump administration has given them a list of seven words they can never use in their reports—and “vulnerable” is one of them. So is “fetus.” Of course. Did we mention this was the Week from Hell?

This week saw yet another round of the now-ironically named Department of Health and Human Services trying to prevent detained immigrant teens from accessing abortion care. The courts forced DHHS to back off, but they show every intention of continuing to use these attacks as a means of harassment.

Oh, and DHHS is also hiding 99% of the public comments on rule changes that could allow religious groups to discriminate against transgender people or those seeking abortions.

And then it was all capped off by a Mexican cardinal announcing that the recent earthquakes were divine retribution for abortion and “gender ideology.” Remember last January when we were asking ourselves if things could get any worse? Well they did… but they can always get better. And we had some bright spots this week.

Two immigrant teens WERE given access to abortion care, and courts have consistently ruled in favor of the rights of people in that situation. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vetoed a 20-week abortion ban. And a federal court put the brakes on plans to allow your employer to dictate your birth control choices.

And at least the Worst Week Ever came at a good time. We all have the final week of the year to rest up and make sure that the weeks going forward keep getting better.   

And that’s the week that was.