Hi Fam, do you all know we have a daily FB Live show called “Operation Save Abortion”? If you haven’t been watching, you’re missing out on some pretty great reproductive rights content! So today we discussed this article titled “Why we’re mobilizing to defend our clinics.” In general, what a great headline, right!?! But our friend Robin Marty wrote this great critical tweetstorm of the whole thing (buy her book yo!)! As she exclaims, “IF YOU ARE AT A CLINIC WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE CLINIC YOU ARE A PROTESTER. REGARDLESS OF WHICH SIDE YOU ARE SUPPORTING.” YUUUPP!

So here’s the thing, we’re all for disrupting the space, but guys, abortion isn’t ABOUT YOU. What’s happening at the clinic isn’t ABOUT US, it’s about patients and their providers. And all we should be doing AT CLINICS is making sure the patients feel safe. That’s what escorts do. This also reminds us that someone once asked us what to say to patients at clinics if they’re escorting. LET THE PATIENT DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT! It’s again, all about the patients. And making them feel safe. The battle is real, but if you’re so focused on yelling at protestors (which, we get, we get, the zygote lovers SUCK and are loud and annoying), then you’re not really protecting the patients, you’re just serving your own agenda.

All that being said, let’s continue to find new and creative ways to protest. In DC at the March for Life we “sidewalk counseled” people going into the hotel for the march. “You don’t have to go in there! Facts love you!” we screamed. It honestly, confused the shit out of them, and was so fun. Or we dressed in a stork costume to protest the stork ball and gave a bunch of sidewalk screamers a zine that talked about how dangerous what they were supporting is. In short, make THEM feel the kinda pressure THEY make patients feel for sure… but do it on THEIR TURF!

So instead of making a big ruckus in front of a clinic (again, unless said clinic has asked you to!) maybe consider counter-protesting at a FAKE CLINIC that lies to patients! You can find them here!
And watch Operation Save Abortion!