Let’s talk about SCAMMING season!!! Scamming is fun when it’s a fake rich person convincing a bunch of asshole rich people to pay for her hotel. Less so when it has to do with HEALTH (see blood monster Elizabeth Holmes). But we have to say, West Virginia’s governor did give us a little chuckle today.

You see, Virginia won big last election and they’re going HAM already passing all sorts of progressive plans. And they are going so far as saying they want to become an abortion safe haven for people from other, less enlightened states around them *COUGH COUGH COUGH**.

So naturally, West Virginia’s governor wants every conservative county that feels put upon by this to write a referendum, vote on that referendum, and JOIN WEST VIRGINIA. WHAT A WORLD!!

When reached for comment every legislator is just like “BAHAHAHAHAHA!” 

But any way, this man is in charge of a WHOLE STATE. SO LESS FUN NOW!

And now, to our least favorite scammers: Obria! In many ways, like WV, they’ve argued for a while “hey, if you don’t like Planned Parenthood, come to us and we’ll offer you…. An abandoned lot and like 10 blankets.” 

Creme de la Fake clinic Obria has been PROVEN to be full of scammers OVER AND OVER AGAIN. But they still keep getting FEDERAL MONEY. But also HEAVEN FORBID a cent of federal money goes to abortion, no we’d rather it go to paying a fake clinic director’s six-figure salary.

“According to Obria’s 2019 application, the group plans to spend $58,000 federal dollars on staff training for FEMM, a “natural family planning” app not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

Y’all, FEMM is just… an app. They needed 60k federal money to… install an app??


The Campaign for Accountability looked into Obria and like… while they do a lot of good edging around being like “ARE U KIDDING US WITH THESE FUCKING SCAMMERS??” they do say that it costs them WAY too much per patient (which is… prob a sign that they aren’t helping people but are just lining big anti-abortion’s pockets). AND they also: “Call on congressional lawmakers to use their ‘oversight jurisdiction to ensure HHS anti-contraception ideologues can’t fritter away anymore hard-earned taxpayer funds on this futile project.’” FUTILE PROJECT OH DANG! That’s a great new name for fake clinics. Futile projects.


So… how many more millions are people gonna allow Obria to scam before they say “enough is enough”?? Just wondering!