OUR BLOOD IS BOILING! So we all saw… this video last night. The less we talk of it, the better. But we all should watch it, inject it into our veins, and use it as fuel every morning to stay furious and fighting, never giving up, not stopping, until we eradicate people like this from power. 

And honestly, it’s crazy how perfectly that dovetails with this funhouse mirror Lila Rose video The Atlantic made. Nothing makes our skin crawl more than Lila Rose, waking up every morning, straightening her hair for 25-30 minutes, then deciding a MIDDLE PART is the best way to go, then going out in the world and shaming people.

Look, we wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of knowing we thought about her today, except for the fact that we think this video PERFECTLY points out the hypocrisy from the anti-choicers. AND ALSO LET’S JUST RESTATE: ABORTIONS UNTIL BIRTH ARE NOT REAL. THAT'S JUST BIRTH! So anyway here’s what Lila Rose did: she posed as a 13-year-old who said she had a 31 year-old boyfriend and wanted to get an abortion at a Planned Parenthood. Then she showed the tapes and acted all appalled at the Planned Parenthood worker for not immediately reporting this case of abuse. The tapes, like with all of these guys, are heavily edited.

BUT we think that he behavior speaks to something bigger. Lila has decided that vilifying Planned Parenthood will make her a star, that speaking simplistically about good and evil will help her get these blowouts she clearly loves, this lifestyle she clearly craves. But nothing is more indicative of exactly how narrow-sited anti-choicers are than standing in front of a sign that reads “Stop Sexual Abuse… Cover-up.” I MEANNNNNNNNN

Lila, you could have dedicated your life to stopping an ACTUAL problem… sexual abuse. Maybe you could’ve studied how to stop men from raping teenage girls, how to educate people not to rape, how to prosecute people who do rape. Or, if you didn’t want to focus on, you know, the actual actual problem (the rapists), you could focus on ways to best make resources available for young people who are being abused and want help. You could’ve created programs to train counselors, school officials, doctors to better spot victims of abuse. You could’ve funded shelters for victims of assault. You could’ve funded EXISTED programs or worked as a counselor at one yourself (although that’d prob mean forfeiting the blowouts, their salaries are woefully low).

But no, you decided to mock (by dressing up and dying your hair and chewing gum) someone in this situation. And then you decided the real people to blame are the counselors who ARE HEARING THESE WOMEN'S STORIES at one of the patient's most vulnerable moments, and these counselors ARE trying to help these women now that the abuse has escalated to the point where they're pregnant and scared and looking for help. And YES Planned Parenthood does have systems in place to report abuse. And yes, maybe we could have a conversation about how to make these systems better (lord knows Planned Parenthood does), if you actually gave a fuck, Lila. But no, you’ve decided that the way to stop sexual abuse is to go after… a clinic.

And for that, we truly saw, from the bottom of our heart: shame on you. And since you care about God so much we hope God judges you accordingly for what you’ve decided to dedicate your life too. A lifestyle, a blowout, nice dresses, speaking engagements, being on television. And  not actually helping anyone.