So, the 20-week abortion ban just got ruled unconstitutional by a judge in NORTH CAROLINA. FUCKING NORTH CAROLINA! THINK ABOUT THAT ONE SECOND! Like, even in the SOUTH it was OBVIOUS that this bill was unconstitutional! OK so… Lindsey Graham introduced that bill in Congress again. Apparently he’s done this every year since 2013 which…. Lololololololololololol. But still, bro, the Constitution, ever read it??

So we all remember The Birdcage (from 1996) where a character says you should kill mothers who want abortions BECAUSE IT’S LIKE THROWING THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATHWATER. AND IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE AN INSANE JOKE AND CLEARLY WRONG?? In 1996! This was said! But any way now they’re proposing something similar in Texas, where a person who gets an abortion can be tried with murder and sentenced to DEATH. JESUS CHRISTTTTTT! LOL we say “how PRO-LIFE of them” a lot but… man is this on the nose!