You know when someone just like, instantly tells on themselves without realizing it… and it WOULD be glorious except they TOTALLY get away with it?? Well that’s what the Hyde Amendment is… a man who told on himself. And a country that let him get away with it. 

The Hyde Amendment turns 43 today. It’s a dark, tragic, racist, offensive, heartless anniversary. Just real quick (we know you know but in case you don’t know) the Hyde Amendment bars federal money from funding abortion (if you wanna learn more about it, watch our VIDEO HERE!). 

Also this is a reminder that SOO many effing anti-abortion laws are useless because YOUR FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS DON’T GO TO ABORTION. Like… they should… but they don’t. But people are like “if an abortion clinic worker gets a SUBWAY sandwich and I JUST got a subway sandwich… that money is fungible.” Or some nonsense argument like that. You’re TELLING on yourself. 

Henry Hyde (WHO WAS FROM ILLINOIS WHICH IS A REAL BUMMER TO THE ILLINOISIANS IN OUR OFFICE) REALLY told on himself here “I certainly would like to prevent, if I could legally, anybody having an abortion, a rich woman, a middle-class woman, or a poor woman. Unfortunately, the only vehicle available is the…Medicaid bill.”

This quote is basically I certainly would want to ban abortion but I’ll be happy just fucking over poor people and having my name tied to that forever. I certainly would like to help the unborn… but what I’d really like to do is HURT the born. I certainly WOULD like to make an impact as a bigot. I certainly WOULD like to actually fund something helpful but instead I’ll just destroy people’s healthcare options. 

Henry Hyde, that bitch wrecked havoc in the House for YEARS. Like, this amendment passed in 1976 and that was JUST THE BEGINNING FOR HIM. He was in the House of Representatives from 1975-2007! ELECTIONS MATTER PEOPLE! He had fucking 30 more years of being an anti-abortion nightmare AFTER he created the terrible Amendment that would be his namesake. And he FOR SURE went after Clinton for his affair… only for it to be revealed that Hyde HIMSELF had an affair with a married woman. GLASS HOUSES, like all of them, he was a hypocrite. 

And it goes without saying, that yes, of course, people died. Lots of people died because of this. 

Even if you DON’T think about abortion every second of every day like we do, you gotta fight to end Hyde. Because what Hyde does it deprive Americans of healthcare based on their income bracket. And we should be FULL STOP against that IT SHOULD NOT BE A CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT.