What is the next Alabama and Georgia?

Oh quick answer, it’s Missouri, whose Senate yesterday passed an 8-week abortion ban, no exceptions for rape and incest. GAHHHHHHHH! It feels like we can’t bat these things away fast enough, more just keep coming. So we follow these abortion bans pretty closely and yesterday a friend asked me (your writer) “So how CAN they pass these things if they’re obviously unconstitutional?” And I went into the usual spiel of like “Well they pass, but they don’t get enacted, because the ACLU sues, and then they usually get rejected. But they harm people seeking abortion, they force clinics to close while they’re tied up in court, and they’re really just trying to get to the Supreme Court.” And then she was like “Yeah but like… why are they even allowed to pass if they’re unconstitutional?” AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS A VERY GOOD QUESTION!

Let’s quickly talk about Matt Walsh y’all, as we think he’s indicative of basically all these fools now. So… brace yourself for this cuz it is… dark as hell. Matt Walsh literally tweeted “If a 12 year old is raped and the father takes her to get an abortion, the evidence of the crime will be destroyed and he will go on molesting his victim for years. If however the child is born, his crime will be discovered and she will be rescued from the abuse.”

Gah ok… we’re gonna go lie down for five hours before we address this.

Ok back. So fuck this forever and fuck this kind of logic and fuck trying to argue your bullshit anti-abortion laws are GOOD for  12-year-old rape victims you fucking atrocious pondscum. But also… WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK AN ABORTION CLINIC IS GONNA DO WHEN A FUCKING 12-YEAR OLD COMES IN!?! JUST BE LIKE “Chill, this seems fine, we’ll just perform an abortion and ask no further questions??” OF FUCKING COURSEEEEE NOT! BETTER make her deliver a baby and then idk… TEST that baby’s DNA… then remove both from the home cuz you GOT the father even though… again… if they went to ONE doctor’s appointment the doctor would DEF be like “So we’re calling social services immediately.”

This kind of argument is so disgusting, we can’t even handle it. But it’s PART of a new initiative to remove rape and incest exceptions. Because women should know that no matter what happens in their lives, male politicians will NEVER be on their side or think they deserve body autonomy.

So fuck them. Fuck them all. They’re time is done. Our rage is so wired it could fuel an entire electric system.