We’re not gonna lie, a lot of us here are very scared about the news lately! And we’re not even talking about the scary abortion news. We’re talking coronavirus.

The one thing we keep thinking about during all this (besides just endless feelings of dread) is how much we have failed so many people in the United States in terms of healthcare and paid leave and sick days. And folks… as it always does… this of course, can go back to abortion.

See: abortions are healthcare and people like to sometimes act a fool and think “hey, other people’s healthcare isn’t important to me, just my own!” But… it’s about what we owe to each other! So while yes, you are coming from the right place in saying like “Do what you want with your healthcare, it doesn’t concern me” … we’d also argue that empathetically you gotta think “Well, but everyone SHOULD have access to healthcare, once that’s in place I’m just not gonna judge how they use it.”

We are seeing now how things get exponentially worse when people don’t look out for each other, when people don’t have the healthcare they need. So, beyond all the doom and gloom, we want you this week to think of how much BETTER it would be if everyone had care! 

Here’s a little news roundup.

  • Ohio is being as disengenous as possible and still trying to get its Down Syndrome abortion ban passed. Pitting disability rights and abortion rights against each other is NEVER a good look. But hey, maybe if these politicians had to look in the eye of their OWN citizens with Down Syndrome and answer why they are spending probably millions on these lawsuits instead of, idk, giving each person with Down Syndrome the support they need… maybe then we’d actually get somewhere!
  • 6 female politicians in Utah walked OUT after the ultrasound bill passed the senate. This included a politician who USUALLY votes anti-abortion. We’d say to her “Hey, if you think this view and listen to a description of an ultrasound bill is too extreme… consider the fact that all bills that curtail abortion rights are ALSO infringing on people's rights to choose and feel comfortable at the doctor. JUST A THOUGHT! STOP VOTING ANTI-ABORTION!”
  • Alabama is trying to pass a “born alive” law and again, we cannot stress this enough, how much time are you wasting when you could be helping ACTUAL LIVING CONSTITUENTS, ALABAMA?? 
  • Missouri’s last clinic apparently has been hanging on MORE by a thread than we thought. A reminder when you look at new stories and kinda gloss over the news because like, it’ll never hold up i court, “this is so ridiculous they’ll never MAKE IT A FELONY to perform abortions,” just know that that’s not always the point. Sometimes just little cuts at care like in Missouri with these ridiculous regulations, will be enough to shut down clinics. 
  • Kentucky girl, are we not giving you enough attention? Cuz you might be ONE TO WATCH this year, passing 2 anti-abortion measures in the state house pretty quickly. One is about getting it into the state’s constitution that abortion is not a right. The other was … vague but it gives the anti-abortion attorney general (a dude) more ability to regulate clinics. Just like… sounds unpleasant all around. 

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Don’t believe weird Facebook memes, just listen to doctors!