The anti-choice lunatics who  dictate the laws and regulations regarding your reproductive bits want to put an end to abortion rights. They want to do that so badly that they’re willing to cause a massive increase in the number of abortions to do it. And that’s in addition to a huge increase in unwanted pregnancies, complications, undiagnosed cancers, and a thousand other things that will destroy the lives and health of literally millions of people. Because fetuses. If that sounds counterintuitive well… you know that’s how these guys roll.

We’re talking about the attacks on the Title X Family Planning Program. “Title X” sounds like a bad Vin Diesel movie. It’s not. But if we could get that greenlit that’d be great! Title X Family Planning is a federal grant program that provides low-income people with everything from cervical cancer screening to infertility counseling to STD testing, as part of a comprehensive slate of services for family planning and preventative care. Some 4 million low-income people rely on it through over 4,000 clinics all across the country.  

What the vagina monitors in Congress want to do now is to deny Title X funding to any of those health care centers that provide abortion services. And a lot of them do—BECAUSE THEY’RE HEALTHCARE CENTERS! And they know that healthcare includes abortion care. Of those 4,000 clinics, 500 alone are Planned Parenthood, serving 1.5 million patients, or roughly 40 percent of everyone receiving care under Title X. Bye bye.

Be clear on this—no Title X money currently can or does go toward abortion. Thanks, Hyde! What the Uterine Police want is to deny ANY Title X funding (for ANYTHING, including cancer and STD screenings and birth control) to ANY clinic that provides abortions, or even provides information about abortions or referrals to abortion providers! The rules being pushed right now would ban funding to any clinic that even told patients that abortion is available elsewhere!    

Here’s an interesting nugget: Among the many things Title X accomplishes is to reduce the number of abortions with the brilliant idea of making contraception available! Eliminating Title X funding to clinics that provide abortion will cause countless people to lose their access to birth control (not to mention things like cancer screenings—hello!). That means a lot more abortions—and under a lot worse conditions because the number of abortion providers will be slashed by the same insane plans.

Patients who would otherwise just have gotten birth control through Title X will now have to seek out ever scarcer abortion providers. That means that many of the abortions will be later in the pregnancy, complicating matters and potentially endangering the patients.

So… we could help people with birth control through Title X, and need fewer abortions… or we could endanger people and make more abortions necessary, in the name of stopping abortion! Again, these guys are so ruthless about making sure that no one even whispers the word abortion, they can’t think straight or logically.

As they often do, the puritan enforcers behind this sick plan have already provided us with a handy state-level example of the kind of carnage that these brutal policies would unleash. In this case, the unholy petri dish is the state of Iowa, long-suffering under its misogynistic masters.

Iowa instituted a system where clinics that provided abortion services could not be funded through the state’s new Family Planning Program. By 5 months into the new program, in December 2017, there were 54 percent fewer enrollees in family planning programs! Oh, and there were 3,600 more cases of STD’s in Iowa in 2017 too—a one-year increase of over 38 percent. That’s a lot of crotch critters. Nebraska and Tennessee have also similarly attempted to punish places that provide abortion as one of their services. We’re still waiting to see the results.

None of that matters to the anti-abortion extremists who will cause any amount of damage necessary to establish a beachhead in your vagina. Right now they’re pressuring the Department Health and Human Services to institute an Iowa-style ban on Title X funding to any provider who also provides abortion. Tell your elected reps you don’t want reproductive healthcare for millions of people held hostage by puritanical zealots.

Keep Title X serving the people it was meant to serve!