Well, well, well, well, well, well *turns around in chair dramatically* it seems that even though they cried like little gremlins that abortion clinics HAD TO CLOSE, THINK of the safety anti-abortion fake clinics ARE REMAINING open. Sweetie, just cuz you WANNA be essential, does not mean you are one. 


Honestly, shoutout to our queens at Vice for covering this. Carter Sherman is ALWAYS on that abortion beat and she … DID THE RESEARCH this week on where anti-abortion facilities remain open.


Honestly the ONLY good thing about them being open now is that some are just giving people pregnancy tests out their back down in a bag… and honestly, if you need a free pregnancy test and don’t wanna talk to them, dope. 


BUT OF COURSE, this is horseshit. Complete and total horseshit. And you KNOW we got a quote in this article where someone finally says what we KNEW was coming, that abortion kills more people than coronavirus. Gahhhhhhh, drink drink drink, of course they did.

A thing you might also see on anti-abortion sites now is that they like… will just say that anyone they don’t like COULD have Coronavirus and I MEAN IT’S NOT LIBEL CUZ WE’RE JUST POSING THAT IT’S POSSIBLE. “Abortionist Caught Wearing Dirty Scrubs, Possibly Contaminated With Coronavirus. Then He Does 30 Abortions” says LifesiteNews. YOU CAN’T JUST SAY ANYTHING!!!!! You can’t just be like “I don’t like this person, they maybe have coronavirus, they were outdoors.” JESUS CHRIST.

But back to these fake clinic hypocrites. The battle between fake clinics and abortion providers is being heightened to MAYBE THE POSSIBLY scariest conclusion which is now people are LITERALLY RISKING THEIR LIVES BY BEING TRICKED BY FAKE CLINICS! 

And also a TRUE LOL, so one of the bullshit reasons that anti-abortion people argued that we gotta close these clinics is because of PPE and saving masks. WELL, OBGYN Jen Villavicencio thoroughly destroyed that argument. BUT… we like that by staying open they only further prove so few of them have actual doctors on staff. 

What’s especially scary is that Heartbeat International (some true creeps that are very anti-abortion and also… anti-everything and every person) says they saw a 50% increase in calls to their “Option Line.” We don’t know for certain but we would GUESS that’s because people are worried about clinics closing and they are looking online for ABORTION OPTIONS and getting fucking duped.

And look, we get it, people are very scared now. What they don’t need is to talk to some fearmonger who believes that NOW is the time to BE PREGNANT WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO BE. You know, now, a time when every single thing about the future is uncertain. 

Anyway as fun as this rant has been, you GOTTA watch Lizz’s facebook rant about this whole nonsense! #ExposeFakeClinics forever and always.