Happy Friday dear Leaguers.  Let’s be real these past weeks have felt like a real slog. We keep having to read the words “Born Alive” (which feel so dark and manipulative) and “heartbeat bill” (which is just a flat out gross lie of a name anyway) and it can all get pretty disHEARTening if you will (sorry, again, it’s been a rough time). But this week, although we got some slog, we want to highlight just how badass people are who are working to change things. FIRST let’s give a huge shoutout to Equity Forward who published a major report this week about the insidiousness of the Heritage Foundation in dictating policy. Here’s a good quote from the report: “in many cases — far from delivering so-called ‘conservative’ policy recommendations solely of limited regulations and government — actively celebrate barriers to health care and civil rights for vulnerable populations.” Now, we know what you’re thinking “Oh yes, this is NOT a good quote at all but in fact sad and dark.” But think about how great it is that Equity Forward is calling these folks OUT! And we know that these rulings are just temporary, BUT how great is it that a judge BLOCKED the administration’s new Title X regulations… for now. This is because of the hard work of activists like you. We flooded their inboxes with emails and complaints. And so the judge was compelled to listen! HELL YEAH! And finally in Kansas, KANSAS, FRICKIN’ KANSAS, a judge ruled that abortion is protected in the state’s constitution. AIRHORN NOOOOOIIIIIISEEEEE! You see, we may have to show up over and over again for the rights that we ALREADY were supposed to be promised, but when we do show up, we win. Happy Friday, keep fighting!