Every few weeks you’ll read an article by a man that’s like “I invented this THING!” and it’s like… dieting or activism or washing your face or like… things women have been doing forever without thinking they could get PAID TO WRITE AN ARTICLE ABOUT IT.

But today’s “Um, my friend, we have been writing about this forever” comes from a WOMAN and OBVS she is also anti-abortion and DOES IT GO WITHOUT SAYING THAT SHE IS ANTI-CHOICE! It’s unclear to us who even she’s talking to and it’d be INFURIATING if it wasn’t so,  “Bless her heart.”

Her article is titled “We should be talking about ways to end abortion” and she writes this passage, seemingly unaware of who she is being, “If poorer women lack sufficient access to birth control, then let’s use federal funding to get more of it to them. If boys and girls need better sex education, let’s make sure they get it. If you don’t like abstinence lessons, teach them the joys of mindfulness.”

LADY, WHAT DO YOU THINK WE’VE BEEN DOING? Do you think we’re just like “man, abortion is the only thing we care about, we love it!” I mean… OK, to be fair, we do love it, we do care about it! We do think that it’s a decision between a person and their doctor and not the whole world and that it is a fine options.

OF COURSE we want people to have access to birth control! Of COURSE we think that children should be taught honest sex education (THAT TEACHES CONSENT). We’re not just sitting around waiting for someone to get pregnant and being like “OK, this is OUR time.”

Lady, it is YOUR SIDE who is fucking this up for everyone. It is YOUR side who has singlehandedly grasped onto abortion as an issue at the expense of: education, sex education, birth control, and much, much more. It is YOUR side who in their quest to end abortion has DEPRIVED people of all these things. It is just… so effing hilarious… who does she THINK she is talking to here?

And we’d just like to add… nothing is more boring or disingenuous than drumming up your base by lazily saying “Sacrificing our nation’s long history of protecting religious freedom and freedom of conscience is a high price to pay so that strangers can abort their babies.”

Awww man, we laugh, we laugh at how these supposedly religious people pretend they know what the eff the Bible is really saying. Taxes, in a way, are about what we owe to each other. They may be annoying, but they are about enriching our community. And sure, sometimes they are put towards things we hate and that sucks. But we’re OVER HYPOCRITES arguing that Christianity means not having compassion for other people and their circumstances.

Also lol forever at thinking that this country actually does ANY sort of job at honoring religious freedom for ANYONE but Christians.

Also again… we pay like half our paychecks to New York City  and… those subways are STILL not fixed. Feel like that’s a bigger taxpayer dollar worry than if one person gets to not be stressed about how they’re gonna afford healthcare,