Democratic Leadership is no longer trying to hide their radicalism when it comes to eliminating the unborn.” Oh boy, how is it only Tuesday!?!?! You know how like, people keep trying to slip personhood into tax bills and they're as subtle as a trombone player? Well, my friends, two can play at that game! This Medicare for All bill has everything, abolishing Hyde, getting rid of doctors’ ability to hide behind phony-ass “conscience” clauses, MEDICARE FOR ALL. So of course the other side hates it and says shit like this first sentence here. Honestly, maybe WE don’t want to pay for YOUR skateboarding injuries or golf elbow (idk, rich people golf, right?)! We don’t think you were being very responsible at the time. Oh wait… we’re not complete garbage and we understand that our tax dollars going to help other American citizens with their healthcare… IS A FUCKING GOOD THING! Is maybe the best thing we could think of.

But oh, woe is them, WHO will think of the people who are trying to TAKE AWAY healthcare?

Hopefully, after November, no one.