Start your day getting fired up to get out there and fight hard by reading this great interview with Tarana Burke!

Oh OK, we’re glad that you read that because… we have some bad news. The accused men of #MeToo have now seemingly started their own movement. Nevermind that very few people are FALSELY accused of rape. NEVERMIND THAT VERY FEW OF THESE SURVIVORS HAVE SEEN THEIR DAY IN COURT! Nope, now the MEN accused are wondering who will think of them, and idk, the fact that they got disciplined at work? And can’t like… live their carefree life where they get to hurt women. WHO WILL THINK OF THEM?

Well, the lawyers that brought down Gawker, for one. Because what’s worse… someone being violently attacked… or losing your CNN contributor role. THEY SOMETIMES HAVE FREE BAGELS THERE. Or what if someone said something about you on a private list. SUE THEM OF COURSE! Is there any more fucking phallic action than suing someone because you did something and thought no one would find out about it because you’re in power and always have been? And not all the victims are women, we want to make that clear (although we don’t want to get effing sued by one of these guys so ALLEGEDLY ALLEGEDLY).

You know who gets FOR REAL defamed everyday? Abortion providers. But they are too busy serving patients every day to file million dollar lawsuits against people.

So today and every day we’ll say: go out and put some good in the world. And don’t let the bastards grind you down!