Look, we’re not gonna pretend to be like, the best at sex here. Well, we haven’t had any complaints, but, you know, we don’t want to brag. But one thing we absolutely know for CERTAIN here is that sex is a confusing, complicated thing for MANY people and that EVERYONE deserves to not feel uncertain when it comes to sex. I mean, cuz sex is supposed to be fun. Have we used the word “sex” too much? Have we creeped you out? This is an SEO-grab.

But this is all a precursor to introduce you to some fool politicians in Colorado who are FURIOUS at the idea of…. Wait for it… comprehensive sex education. Look, we’re not talking about like, watching porns and learning techniques, we’re talking about sex education that TALKS ABOUT THE LBGTQ EXPERIENCE. You know… sex education. And sex education that bans abstinence-only education! You know… sex education. Y’all, how much FUCKING EVIDENCE do you NEED to prove that comprehensive sex education… PREVENTS UNWANTED PREGNANCY. PREVENTS THE THING YOU SAY YOU HATE!

Anti-choice politicians are calling this overreach… this sex education doesn’t even COVER overreach. They’re so mad, they’re saying that it bums people out to LEARN ABOUT CONSENT. They’re so mad they’re trying to recall Democrats who vote for it.


This begs the question: why do these guys HATE sex so much?


I mean, remember when they got mad that Teen Vogue wrote a VERY GOOD article about anal sex. Do you really want your teen doing anal sex WRONG and fucking ripping out their butthole and then YOU have to take them to the ER cuz you couldn’t stop watching fucking Fox News long enough to acknowledge your gay child as a person?

And all of this bodes EXTREMELY well for the future of Title X :(. The amazing people at Jezebel keep writing about the Obria group which is legit garbage (as we’ve reported in our Operation Save Abortion videos here and here). The fact that they got Title X money is a travesty. They’re trying to market themselves as a “comprehensive, holistic medical clinic.” Here’s the thing, you can’t say “comprehensive… except abortion and birth control.” COMPREHENSIVE MEANS THE WHOLE SHABANG! And yeah, maybe people should be able to get medical care at places other than Planned Parenthood… IT WOULD BE NICE IF OUR FUCKING HEALTHCARE SYSTEM WAS NOT A MESS AND PEOPLE COULD JUST AFFORD BIRTH CONTROL AND GYN VISITS WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY HOW TO AFFORD IT!
But naw, just give these loser millions of dollars to lie to women. Seems like it’ll work out. It’s not like we have… again… a bunch of evidence to the contrary.