Ohhhh we’ve said this a bunch of times but it just fills us with so many joy giggles: anti-abortion people (or people like, on the fence) LOOK at the kinda FOOLS you are associating with. Just LOOK at them. Like, when we think about our most embarrassing people on our side, it’s NOWHERE NEAR the kinda true nightmares you associate with. Like… we imagine them just constantly texting you like “No say abortion IS the Holocaust or we AREN’T FRIENDS anymore!” HEHEHEHEHEHEHE, this is what you get though, associating with them.

So this brings us to STORIES we want to hit today. FIRST, this truly bizarro world article about how Georgia Right to Life is MAD at Georgia politicians and rescinding their endorsement of them. Why, you might ask? Why could this be? OH IT’S BECAUSE THEY SIGNED THE “HEARTBEAT” BILL THAT GOT THEM NATIONAL ATTENTION AS BEING ONE OF THE MOST HATEFUL ANTI-ABORTION LAWS OUT THERE.


Yes yes yes, the anti-abortion movement is MAD that they signed this law because (wait for it………….) it didn’t go far enough. It ALLOWED exceptions for rape (IF YOU FILL OUT A POLICE REPORT) and if the mother’s life is in danger (OH BOYYY!) and well… they just don’t think that’s enough. 

You think they could just call a win a win lolol, I mean, this bill was so cruel that it woke up the nation to how shitty anti-abortion laws are becoming. It got people to boycott! But no, they are not happy. These quotes truly are… unhinged. “Creating classes of innocent human beings that don’t receive equal justice and protection under the law is playing politics with human lives.” Actually, that quote would MAYBE be great if it was in an article about an ACTUAL FUCKING INEQUALITY/JUSTICE ISSUE! NOT ABOUT FETUSES! Read the whole article here

And our second example of… with friends like these… is this truly a caricature of the anti-abortion strategy article about IVF for veterans. We all know that anti-abortion politicians… really keep moving the chain on their message about IVF. Like, anti-abortion extremists obvs hate it because they believe that life begins at “conception” and this is a weird NO conception area where there’s still a fertilized egg and it’s like “Oh shoot, science has advanced but we only want to acknowledge that when it BENEFITS us with better sonograms but NOT when it comes to ways people can have babies!” Any way here’s an article about how anti-abortion extremists are hurting VETERANS because they can’t get their act together. 

When you side with the WRONG, extremist side that’s unable to feel empathy EVER… this is the kinda thanks you get. Just think about that!