imageIf you want to maintain control of your uterus, you have to engage in vigorous vocal exercises. What that means is that you need to speak out when the moment demands it–and that moment is now.

The Supreme Court is currently considering the most important case involving abortion rights in the past 25 years. So right now is the time to safeguard your uterus by opening your mouth.

The good news is that the crew here at Lady Parts Justice League has taken our very loud mouths to the very steps of the Supreme Court to represent, yo. While the Justices are arguing inside, LPJL’ers are outside making sure that the Court and the rest of America knows that women demand control over our own bodies.

The better news is that you can also do that wherever you are by engaging and energizing people through personal contacts, social media, and the support and information network available right here at Lady Parts Justice League.

There are creepy forces always ready and waiting to take over access to your lady parts or those of the people you love. The shitty TRAP laws that are at the heart of the current case before the Court are the most insidious example. While the argument over them is raging, LPJL has gone to the very Belly of the Beast to speak truth to power.

You can speak the same truths wherever you are. Plug in to LPJL to get agitated and inspired, check out the of our appearance at the Court, and send a little love our way to help us in fight!