It’s Women’s History Month. And so, in some ways, it just feels right that on March 4th we will be fighting for our body autonomy in front of the Supreme Court… again. When have we ever gotten to just eat our cake! 

And of course Women’s History Month would be able FORGETTING HISTORY, about going back in time, about “I can’t believe I’m still fighting this fight.” Believe you ME there is a haOT of stuff we’d like to get to on ye’ olde feminism agenda. We’d love just to ave this whole abortion thing handled, where everyone who needs an abortion gets one, without stigma, and it’s free.

Instead, like we said, we’re fighting for our own ability to control… our BODY. God fucking dammit! 

So rather than curse at the unfairness of it all, we are going to spend today celebrating women who make history every day!

First up, we want to give a huge shoutout to Julie Rikelman from the Center For Reproductive Rights who will be one of the lawyers arguing for our side in June Medical Services v. Russo this week! She’s facing, truly, the most illogical people out there and she has to be calm and professional and just present facts as they cry “People regret their abortion, therefore no one should have rights” or argue “We know that doctors have said it’s impossible to get these admitting priveleges, but like, what if they just tried a LITTLE HARDER” and she has to JUST BE CHILL AND PROFESSIONAL. We can’t even IMAGINE and for that, we salute you!

And then of course we have to give credit to the Hope Medical Group for Women, the clinic in Louisiana that is involved in the case! The women who work there every day are literal superheroes. They take an onslaught of hate from a hostile state and they use it to fuel them to provide people more care and empathy. They really listen. Unlike all the politicians and judges who CLAIM they are looking out for the best interest of women (and nonbinary people and trans men) these women ACTUALLY listen. 

Maybe it seems a little obvious to end a blog about Women’s History Month talking about the importance of listening. But fuck it, it’s 2020, we don’t have to worry what people think of us!