It’s our year-end campaign y’all and we promise we’ll get back to the usual snark soon, but we wanted to again ask you to please donate to help us keep destigmatizing abortion in the new year!

OK back to the snark, so here’s some effed up things that are further proof you should donate! First off, we’ve got frickin’ Mississippi trying to stay on the bandwagon of awful by reviving their 15-week abortion ban by, you know, just appealing all the judges that are like “naw man, this is not constitutional.” We don’t want to call these guys the world’s biggest morons, because they’re actually monsters with this restrictive ban, but the abortion clinic in Mississippi only performs abortions up to 16-weeks. They’re wasting ALL THESE TAXPAYER DOLLARS on ONE FUCKING WEEK. IMAGINE!

In other news so cruel and devious it makes our BLOOD BOIL, the single-focused anti-abortion zealot  who just finished his reign of terror at the ORR, Scott Lloyd, is back in the news again. And guess what, he never stopped pulling the same “all I care about is if immigrants have abortions… whoops where did all those kids go” shenanigans. The list of people SEEKING THEIR LEGAL RIGHT TO ABORTION who were instead sent to creepy Christian counseling centers, KEEPS GROWING.

It’s horrifying. #ExposeFakeClinics forever because “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” does NOT mean “make them color Bible verses then tell them lies about how everyone forgets abortions.”

Sure it’s a lot of doom and gloom, but we’ve gotta mention some places that have done AMAZING work to destigmatize abortion. First up, Bustle’s weekly “Abortion AMA Column.” This week it tackles when you get your period post-abortion. Every week, it offers a humane, thorough look at all the myths surrounding abortions. We love it!

And also we wanted to shout out this interesting program in Delaware that prioritizes birth control at regular healthcare visits. Honestly, we wanted to say “Thank you, Captain Obvious” to this who shebang, but then we were like “Why be smug when you can just be thankful that SOMEONE IN GOVERNMENT  is saying ‘hey, let’s get people IUDs, easily.”

Everyone deserves birth control, whether they’ve been naughty or nice. In fact, we don’t even want to break it down to an either or, people are more complex than that, after all.