Y’all, it’s World Health Day and we want to give a huge shoutout to abortion providers. This time is unprecedented and scary. And we are AWED at providers continued effort to keep working and keep providing care. Abortion providers are working hard to GO INTO WORK, to keep providing people with care, to make sure people don’t get left behind in this crisis. 

A huge round of applause for all of ‘em! We feel like in this moment anti-abortion people are showing their true colors (trying to close clinics at all cost, being hypocritical about “stay at home to protect people” while still yelling at clinics, STILL trying to argue it’s a free speech issue that they can’t protest even though NO ONE SHOULD BE OUT UNLESS IT IS ESSENTIAL). And abortion providers are showing who they’ve always been: steadfast in providing care amidst all the bullshit.

I mean, take this story about Leah Coplon, the program director at Maine Family Planning, who realized the issues that the virus would cause with access and WENT TO WORK devising a program that would allow for minimal contact in getting the abortion pill. We can’t get over how dope this is. We wish… everyone could just say they need the abortion pill and then GO GET IT, judgement free. You know we don’t really talk about Maine enough but this is so COOL! 

One quick new thing you can do to show providers you care: SIGN OUR PETITION. Anti-abortion governors are exploiting this moment to try to END ABORTION and we need y’all to tell them that is beyond fucked up! Also, also, if you live in a progressive state with helpful laws you can send your governor a thank you note for all they do. THERE’S SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!