Remember how the government tried to pretend it cares about “science” this weekend in order to… shame and try to erase people!?! Yeah, sure bros, that’s what “science” is. Peepees and front butts, sure, sure. This is def the best use of your time not… idk fixing the fucking environment so we’re all not dead in 20 years. No no, def just shaming people for no reason other than to be the cruelest people on earth.

The thing that sucks about it is the erasure and the cruelty, so vast it’s exhausting. But the thing we can make fun of about it is… just how much these dumbasses don’t know anything about science. Like, they’re all that shitty lab partner you PRAY you don’t get for AP Chem BECAUSE YOU REALLY NEED THE CREDITS TO GET INTO COLUMBIA.

For example: we’ve got Alex Azar bending over backwards at HHS to… wait for it… it’s obvious… but wait for it… appease a bunch of anti-abortion extremists. I mean… Can you imagine if you were a scientist and someone came up to you and was like “real quick can you just burn all your work cuz of my extreme viewpoint on when life begins.” And you were just like “Sure.” I mean… COME ON!

Stuff like this is ACTUALLY gonna result in the loss of human life.  Not an abstraction of cells, a real, living breathing, human being. Science that.