A thing is happening today, and we’re not sure if we should talk about it. You know how the other side just like, loves to act like the victim, even when literally nothing is being done to them. Even when they have all the power. Like… all the power. They’ll still legitimately argue that THEY ARE BEING BULLIED! That oh look, THE MEDIA isn’t covering them (also can we LOL forever at this article claiming these emails are “leaked” and some kind of scoop. Pretty sure the marketing team at Gosnell just forwarded these to you, my friend). So… we’re just gonna leave this review right here and say… if we need to yell about it, we’ll yell about it.

And honestly, our throats need a break, because there’s a lot of stuff NOT BEING TAKEN CARE OF that NEEDS TO BE YELLED AT! Like the fact that Missouri now has ONLY one abortion clinic and Louisiana might be headed that way soon. We MIGHT SOON have double digit states with only one clinic and worse, it might all be null soon if Roe gets overturned. But yes, explain to me how YOU making it so patients have to travel hundreds of miles for a medical procedure and SOMEONE MAKES YOU THE VICTIM! And a man who claimed that people were persecuting him GETS TO WEAR FUCKING SUPREME COURT ROBES AND ALREADY GETS TO DECIDE CASES THAT WILL HAVE IMPACTS ON GENERATIONS OF PEOPLE. Do you have any idea how fucking hard Sonia Sotomayor and RBG had to work to get on that court! They’re just handing out robes now.

So we’re not gonna acknowledge the thing that happens today. Unless we have to. Unless it gets big. Then we’ll yell and scream and talk about how this country has failed hundreds of thousands of people seeking abortions. But until then… maybe just go see A Star is Born this weekend, again.