Does it feel like you’re walking in a frickin’ swamp right now? We’re like in the dregs of August, it feels like we’re in a Tennessee Williams play and want our friend to go down to the local store and get some ice.

Anyway, this is all to say, we’re experiencing a ton of deja vu when it comes to these anti-abortion laws and we can’t quite tell if we’re in a fever dream of the real world. But we SEE you South Carolina, stop trying to make a total abortion ban happen

And don’t even get us started on Tennessee! They’re trying to ban abortion…….. As soon as someone knows they’re pregnant. Like, at least be original here, enemies. Even anti-abortion people are like “Maybe we should stop just burning all this money. Maybe one day our constituents will all be like ‘Hey, um…. We’re voting out the people who haven’t thought about fixing our road in years but keep proposing these strike out bills.’”  

We feel appropriately worried about what all these bills mean. We know that the Supreme Court is compromised. WE MOST IMPORTANTLY know that even if these bills are ruled unconstitutional they still wreak havoc on people who are confused in the state they are passed in and worried about getting abortions. They are bad.

But in the spirit of Southern pettiness… we just have to say… bless their heart in Tennessee. They REALLY believe their nonsense bill where they argue that the hormone found in a pregnancy test is PROOF OF WHEN LIFE BEGINS… where they say abortion is banned the MOMENT you find out your pregnant or EVEN THINK you’re pregnant…. They think THAT is gonna be the one to get to the Supreme Court. They think they’ve TRICKED US with their BRILLIANT LANGUAGE.

Bless their heart.

Also wanna take a quick guess how many women spoke the first day of hearings about this Tennessee proposal….


Fetch us a cool drink, it’s so hot!