Expose Fake Clinics

Did you know that there are nearly 4,000 fake, anti-abortion “clinics” across the country that exist solely to deceive “abortion vulnerable” women and lie to them about their reproductive health options so they don't go to a real health care provider? And that many of them get taxpayer $$$ to run this racket!? WTF x 1,000,000. But the good news is that we're putting these creeps on blast and YOU can take action to expose them wherever you live.

Along with the Abortion Access Hackathon, Abortion Access Front launched #ExposeFakeClinics with more than 40 organizations and abortion providers across the country to share ideas and resources for calling out fake clinics (often called Crisis Pregnancy Centers or CPCs) online and through direct action. On ExposeFakeClinics.com we've got everything you need to learn all about these fuckers and take action in three different ways:

  • Yelp 'em! Use Yelp, Facebook, and Google+ to write accurate reviews of CPCs
  • Upvote! “Like” other people's reviews so that more people see them
  • And take it to the streets! We have tips, posters, and flyers for you to put together a super fun action outside of a local CPC or lawmaker's office.

So head right over to ExposeFakeClinics.com to learn more about CPC trickery, click through our interactive map to see where the fake clinics are in your community, and start taking action.