Meet the Team

These people make it all happen.

About Us

Founded in 2015 under the name Lady Parts Justice League, Abortion Access Front  is a team of comedians, writers, and producers that uses humor to destigmatize abortion and expose the extremist anti-choice forces working to destroy access to reproductive rights in all 50 states.

We do the job that the media doesn’t, creating provocative and hilarious videos and social media content that educates people about the pervasive, discriminatory abortion laws that profoundly and disproportionately impact the poor and people of color. Another crucial part of AAF’s mission is to support and raise awareness about independent abortion providers. These clinics bear the brunt of anti-abortion legislation and harassment.

We also spend our time out on the road.

Abortion AF: The Tour is a year round comedy and music tour that borrows from a USO format- bringing entertainment, elbow grease, and love to abortion providers and their communities. AAF creates a fresh space for people to take action who haven’t necessarily seen a place for themselves before in political or reproductive rights movements.

We foster a multicultural, multi-ethnic, gender fluid team of creative activists who understand how important and rewarding it is to create content that comes from and speaks to a diversity of life experience.

Why We Changed Our Name

Easy. The name Lady Parts Justice League was not in line with our vision and values. We strive to be intersectional, but does our name reflect that work? Not so much. We decided to fix that. We advocate strongly for the reproductive health and rights not only of cis women but people of all genders. Let’s be clear: not all ladies have uteruses. And not everyone with a uterus identifies as a lady. Full stop. Everyone deserves access to dignified, safe, culturally competent, affordable health care. The name was narrow, alienating, and just plain hurtful to many, and we want to apologize to all who were excluded or othered by us using it.

In addition to being more inclusive, we are also pumped to continue our work with a name that reflects our primary mission of putting ABORTION front and center. We are seeing a wave of extremist anti-abortion legislation like never before, and it’s critical that we not shy away from what we are all about: Abortion Access! AAF’s work is to normalize abortion, celebrate those who provide it, and fight like hell to keep it accessible and legal. By choosing Abortion Access Front, we unapologetically declare we are on the front lines of the fight and stand with the providers of abortion. Ask any of the over 70 clinics we have serviced; when they ask for help, #WeShowUp.

We are the Abortion Access Front. We are Abortion AF. We are damn proud of that, and we are here to serve! If YOU’RE Abortion AF, sign up to kick ass and take names with us at Trust me when I tell you, when you hang with AAF, you will see, exposing sexist shitheads has never been more rewarding.

Lizz Winstead


Lizz Winstead, AAF’s founder and chief creative officer, is one of the top political satirists working today. As co-creator and head writer of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” she forever changed the way people get their news.

In 2004, Winstead also co-founded Air America Radio, while also co-hosting “Unfiltered” every morning with the amazing Rachel Maddow and Hip Hop legend, Chuck D.

Now with Abortion Access Front, Winstead has taken her satirical brilliance one step further, combining it with her passion for reproductive rights to expose anti choice hypocrisy and inspiring a whole new model of activism.



Before joining AAF, Kat worked as a producer, editor, and shooter for film and television productions around the world (HBO, The Weinstein Company, MSNBC, VH1, Sundance, Spike, The History Channel). Somewhere in there, she also designed databases for non-profits and post departments, and learned to drive a truck with air brakes. In her spare time she designs and fabricates dangerous art and collects obscure skills.



As programs director, Anna gets to develop campaigns, grow our partnerships, and mobilize our awesome volunteers to expose anti-abortion extremism and support abortion providers! In college she developed the idea for abortion rom-com Obvious Child and co-wrote & produced the original short film. She has a Master’s of Social Work, with a focus on community organizing, from Hunter College, and prior to AAF worked at Teachers Unite organizing public school educators around ending the school-to-prison pipeline. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and a massive toddler named Bill.



Before joining AAF as Development Director, Kimberly worked for Doctors Without Borders, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee. She's proud of her Appalachian roots, and lives half the year in Northeast Tennessee where she works on progressive issues, including abortion access, with a vibrant and diverse activist community.



Moji loves yoga, insightful books, great talks and is currently having all the fun raising an adorable-assed feminist.



Marie joined the AAF team in spring of 2019. As the operations manager she tries to helpfully interfere with all projects, and particularly enjoys participating in fundraisers and events benefiting the invaluable independent abortion clinics all over the United States. Marie has a masters in Criminology and has worked in public higher education as an administrator and advocate in Chicago, and volunteers with a practical support abortion fund. She is an ardent believer in that an undesired or nonviable pregnancy can derail an individual's life, and we must trust people with uteruses to govern their own body.



Sarah is our Individual Giving Officer who supports our fundraising efforts by producing great events, and delivering an awesome donor experience to AAF’s individual backers.

She has raised millions of dollars over the 15+ years working in nonprofit organizations. As a development professional in New York City, she helped to found the Museum of Food and Drink, produce Off-Broadway plays, and connect thousands of kids to educational opportunities. She has also given talks on nonprofit management and fundraising for Barnard College and the Brookyln Borough President’s office, and served as a grant reviewer for the Queens Council on the Arts.

Sarah holds a Master’s of Professional Studies in Arts & Cultural Management from Pratt Institute, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Digital Video from The University of the Arts.

Sarah firmly believes in free access to healthcare (including abortion), food, and art (in that order).



Sarah graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Media and Information, where she studied animation and motion graphics. She worked as an animation intern at Homer Learning before joining Abortion AF.

porcia lewis

social media manager (she/her)

Our social media manager, Porcia, hails from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and describes herself as an artist, creator, and a third eye stimulator. All of that in one. She knew that she wanted to work with technology, web, and media since the age of 5, sitting in front of her Windows 95. If you listen closely, she whispers words of praise to AOL dial up at random points in the day.

Porcia graduated from high school – somehow. Barely went to college. Learned most of her skills on that same Windows 95 (that thang was old) while at home due to suspensions from middle and high school. And yet, beyond what society thought was supposed to happen, she made it to AAF, aaaaand owns her own successful brand – Moon Babe 3000, while being an amazing director, writer, and actress.



Sarah has been passionate about abortion rights since she found herself defending them to her 8th grade class. Best known as the plus-size contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 9, Sarah is an accomplished comedian, writer and producer. She’s performed all over NYC, as well as at Edinburgh Fringe, and was retweeted by JK Rowling, so she can die now, right?


Chanel is a comedian and writer who blossomed on the Philadelphia comedy scene before taking her storytelling style and commanding stage presence to NYC. She’s been featured on MTVs Girl Code, Tru TVs Laff Tracks and she was recently a Just For Laughs New Face.



Molly Gaebe is a writer and performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade and a proud abortion doula. She hails from Miami and has previously worked for the Reproductive Health Access Project. Some call her the “Sauce Queen” because she loves sauce so much. Sauce as in condiments. But she also loves wine so I guess both ways work.