Logo for Send in the Gowns. The tagline reads, when politicians pretend to be doctors, we're gonna treat them like doctors

Send In The Gowns is the latest campaign from Abortion Access Front. Since the Fall of Roe v. Wade, we have watched politicians play doctor – creating terrifying laws that have not only destroyed access to abortion care, but have left patients vulnerable because the medical community has been forced to choose between jail time, losing their licenses, or providing care. 

Abortion Access Front wants to hold these politicians accountable and expose their malpractice. 

On January 20th, 2023, the week that would have been the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Abortion Access Front launched Send In The Gowns, a national mobilization to challenge the “gynoticians” making decisions about our reproductive health without ANY medical experience!  

Badasses around the country either called politicians to make OBGYN appointments or showed up in-person wearing hospital gowns at the offices of state-level politicians asking questions and demanding appointments for gynecological care. 

Why? Because If politicians want to make laws governing our reproductive systems, then they should be exposed for how much (let’s be honest – how horrendously little) they actually know about the bodies they’re claiming authority over.

To help us amplify Send In The Gowns, our good friends, comedians Margaret Cho and Beth Stelling, live streamed a few of the in-person actions from their accounts on Instagram and Beth made an epic call to “Doctor” Roger Nutt of South Carolina.

Check them out on the links below!

Check out the videos under the hashtag #SendIntheGowns and below!

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 Virtual Action (Beth Stilling calling ‘Doctor’ Nutt)

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In-Person Action (Gowns in the TN Statehouse)

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Highlights of our Send in the Gowns Kick-off: