40 Days of Possibilities


What’s dumbpkin spiced and not at all nice: 40 Days for Life! What is that? You ask. It’s the annual, nationwide “pro-life” vigil for people who claim to be the KINDER, GENTLER, MORE COMPASSIONATE abortion-rights-extremists.

Here’s their maddeningly manic troll: for 40 days and 40 nights, these GENTLE SOULS (aka less screamy oppressors) “stand vigil” (aka stalk patients and providers) outside abortion clinics, to GENTLY scare and shame people out of getting abortions and shout at providers to quit their jobs, and shut their clinics down. Ya know, GENTLY…

Every year, we watch them elevate the stress levels of clinic workers and those seeking abortion care and it finally hit our last nerve, so to combat them, and provide support to those they are harrassing, we’ve whipped up a batch of holistic digital BS de RESISTANCE. ® Around here, we honor Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s legacy by fighting to keep men’s feet off of our necks and out of our vaginas, one campaign at a time.

So JOIN US as we snatch the edges of those who want to take away our rights! Howsway? Easy, add your picture to one of three frames below so that you can share the word that you ain’t got time for no messy madness stomping on your rights during 40 Days of Possibilities!

Our 40 Days of Possibilities campaign gives easy, actionable ways that ground the work that activists, advocates and allies of abortion access. During this time, we are uplifting meditation (get your Ohm Beyonce on) wellness, mindset and of course – hahahahaha – humor. Why? To push back on the villians of vigils and other wild cards that threaten abortion access. Who? Basically 40 Days for Life and a slew of their rabid rights destroyers.

We have this covered like foundation at a drag show though – fully. Starting Wednesday 9/23 until November 1, 2020, check out our TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds daily for easy ways to stay in the light and duck the dark lords of oppressive anti-abortion doom.


Select a frame above. Click the link and add your photo. Share it on social media. Boom – you did a thing and it helps smash the patriarchy, protect bodily autonomy and abortion access! Just. Like. That!


Abortion Access Front smashes the patriarchy all day, every day! We drag for filth the cis men who fight to make your business their business. We're the posse who stops abortion shaming, supports indie clinics and makes shit right for folx who need abortions. Join us! It’s the RBG thing to do. #my40days