This week LPJL began our spring Week of Action to expose fake women’s health centers, which will take us all the way to the Supreme Court to #EndTheLies and #ExposeFakeClinics next week! The Supreme Court will hear arguments over California’s FACT Act to stop total frauds (fake clinics) from trying to pass themselves off as real, legitimate health clinics when they’re just propaganda outlets designed to deceive pregnant people at their most vulnerable. That’s not a legitimate business plan OR any way to treat human beings.

AND we got a good look at just what the fakes behind this charade consider to be human beings. Hint: It’s not the trusting souls who accidentally cross the threshold into their spider’s den of deceit and get greeted with a face full of shaming. It’s not even the lucky ones who are informed enough to avoid these frauds.

The liars are still trying to coerce and hassle both patients and providers into giving up their right to choose. Like in Arizona, which this week pushed a bill to force women to disclose WHY they’re having an abortion. No invasion of privacy there! Or in Idaho or Indiana where they want to force REAL clinics to write reports to the state every time there’s a “complication” in an abortion procedure right on down to “anxiety” or sleep disruption. Meanwhile, the FAKE clinics are free to keep on lying!

And their leaders are just as fraudulent as their clinics. This week a top anti-choice crusader in the Iowa legislature was caught on video sucking the face of a lobbyist who was not his wife. Because once these “family values” types start lying, it becomes a lifestyle.

They venerate the fetus so much that they concoct fantasies in their fevered brains about fetuses “running” and “playing” in the womb, as a New Hampshire legislator actually said this week!

In Tennessee, they want to build a monument to the “victims of abortion,” right beside memorials about slavery and the Holocaust. But the real “victims of abortion” are the living, breathing human beings who are having their rights stolen from them by frauds. On Tuesday, March 20th, the Supreme Court will begin considering whether or not their rights will be protected, or left to be shredded by the professional liars that run these sham clinics. Stand with us to #ExposeFakeClinics!