“Mulligan,” “Do-over,” “Backsies.” It goes by many names. It’s the act of trying to take back something you’ve already given, or to redo what’s been done. It’s trying to put toothpaste back in the bell, or to un-ring a tube. And no, I will not redo that last sentence. 

A redo is literally for losers because they lost the first time and now they want to erase that. No. And we know the types who want a do-over. Earlier this week we told you about Steve Bannon urging Trump to “take back” testimony that White House staffers gave to Robert Mueller’s prosecutors in some kind of retroactive executive privilege. And now Trump wants to redo the spending bill he already signed because he was told he got a crappy deal.

The anti-abortion womb weasels are especially drawn to the concept of going back and reversing what has already been done. Their whole purpose in life is to get a do-over on the settled case law of Roe v. Wade, as though Constitutional rights were things you could win or lose like ring-toss games at the county fare. One more try! Failing that, they’ll just pretend it never happened, refusing Constitutional abortions to immigrants, passing completely unconstitutional bans on procedures, they’ll be Mississippi.

They’ll roll repro rights back as much as they can wherever they can, as we showed you all week with stories about the invasive questionnaires given to abortion patients in Arizona, or the fucking-everywhere fake abortion clinics that John Oliver skewered (while highlighting LPJL’s Yellow Brick Road-work!). They want a do-over on choices that YOU make about YOUR body!

But much as they would daydream otherwise, 1973 happened. And although each day we awake, shower, eat breakfast, and plot knowing that things are not so great now, we can’t go back to before! We won’t!