Lock Them Up! Lock Them Up!

We’re not the type of people who watch true crime for fun, but we’ve seen enough of it to know that it’s the truly unrepentant people who are the scariest. The ones who believe they are above the law and that because of that they can do whatever they want. Cut to: real life, where two wombsday preppers BROKE their probation cuz they just HAD TO protest. Basically, these creeps harassed patients at a clinic during the “Red Rose Rescue,” a particularly invasive and horrible “protest” these jerks do and then CONTINUED to harass patients even AFTER being told by a judge that they couldn’t.

We don’t normally like linking to anti-choice sites, but you truly have to read the insanity of their argument. They still argue it’s their first amendment right, they IN COURT argue that they were acting because of God’s law, and say that it’s an EMERGENCY that they should be able to protest. Oh also, they call someone a “full-time pro-life activist” which like, if we thought we disappointing OUR parents by being comedians… oh boy. ALSO ALSO one of these people teaches at a COLLEGE. I mean, less than a safety school college, but still. Unacceptable.

And the QUOTES about the whole thing are just so frickin’ incredulous. Someone gets mad at the judge’s sentence and says ““I can only come to the conclusion that the judge is in favor of legalized abortion.” Yeah, that’s the fucking law! But what’s particularly striking about these people’s way of thinking is that… it’s kinda how a lot of politicians think too. Take this week! A MISSOURI law that restricts access to medication abortions somehow got upheld by a judge, even though it SCREAMS “undue burden”… which is the law. I mean, the Hyde Amendment and this sneaky-domestic-gag-rule light are just huge “JK’s” to the established law. Down Syndrome bans are blatantly unconstitutional, but they keep getting passed and proposed because apparently the dumbass anti-choicers think they’ve found some kinda loophole in the law (and I mean, they do often win).

The Vadge Badgers think they live above the law, but they don’t, and we have to fight like hell to make sure they know that!

Oh, and one kind thing you could do is send some love to the folks at Northland Family Planning! They were one of the places the cruel folks at Red Rose Rescue hit, and they’ve been dealing with a lot of harassment. So send a postcard or leave a nice review of their clinic!

Until next week, don’t let the bastards grind you down!