Did y’all read our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT yesterday? We have a BIG show planned for you all day April 30th. So, if we’re being honest we HAVE NOT had as much time to blog. But Just remember: next week, insta live, ALL DAY APRIL 30th. KEEPOURCLINICS.ORG! Yell it from the rooftops (because again, please stay at home). Clinics need our help now! Y’all know the useless anti-abortion politicians are not gonna help them out! They are too busy giving money to Outback Steakhouse and trying to open movie theaters while also going to the supreme court to close clinics.

Man, it’s a fun time guys, don’t you just feel like now is so FUN and not that every moment is a waking nightmare? Oh no, you feel the second? Right right right.

OK ONE good thing: our mutual aid project! Mutual aid is so important now in keeping people in good spirits and with the supplies they need! If you want to be a part of sending joy email our Volunteer Coordinator: Anna@aafront.org.

OK and just to close this bad boy out: literally someone (who shall remain nameless) arguing this week “Hey, what if we drink bleach” KINDA reminded us of oh, idk, how politicians every day try to legislate our bodies but they don’t know shit!!!!

Now more than ever: listen to doctors, y’all! Like the OBGYN’s who say abortion is essential!

OK bye have a nice weekend KeepOurClinics.org!