My friends, how we all doing? Just checking in here!

We’re following the abortion news daily and … it is bleak for sure. A lot of states seem to think (COUGH KENTUCKY) that  the most important thing to do now is to make sure abortion in banned. Like, before getting people masks. Before making sure doctors are safe. Let’s give our AG total control to ban abortion.

But the only good light is that some others (COUGH TEXAS) show that they’re scaredy cats and afraid of taking it ALL the way to the Supreme Court so they’re just gonna… continue to be vague and hope clinics get the hint. Which honestly… is the best we can hope for now we think. Well, no, we could hope that people were fucking human beings and had compassion for each other. We could hope for that.

Anyway we wanted to lighten the mood here a so let’s make fun of anti-abortion people a little. When they’re not suing for their “free speech” which now means, idk, coughing in someone’s face, you better believe they’re still talking about “baby parts.” Y’all, that “sting” video was DOCTORED and like… idk, just kinda seems like y’all should move on. But nope! 

Guess what was a real headline we read today “Pro-Life Lawmakers Urge Trump To Uphold Regulations On Fetal Tissue Research And Abortion Drugs.” Y’all… y’all! Honestly not to like, be opportunistic, but is this the moment we get all the wafflers on board? Cuz the anti-abortion loons are still trying to be like “don’t do fetal tissue research” but anyone who has been inside with their bitchass roommates for 4 weeks now… is HOPING FOR A VACCINE STAT. LET THIS TURN THE TIDE. 

Honestly — let’s see how vague I can be here — on the most recent worst day in memory not including every day this year, I remember turning to Kathy Lee and Hoda and they were just like… talking about fall fruit salads. Nothing had changed for them. And I remember thinking “Hmmmmm…weird that life just goes on for rich people.” Anyway anti-abortion bullshit just goes on kinda like fall recipes. But don’t let the fuckers get you down! Have a nice weekend, we’ll be here next week!