Y’all the four states that are like “We’re gonna reopen FUCK FACTS!” are also… ding ding ding, FOUR STATES THAT HAVE TRIED TO BAN ABORTION. 

Texas is actually one of them. TEXAS a state so fucking desperate to ban abortion because it’s “not essential” that they’re gonna take their GD case all the way to the Supreme Court. Texas wants to reopen retail businesses THIS FUCKING FRIDAY. And they are still like “no, sorry no abortion clinics though.” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????? 

Gah and like, fine, OK, we HAVE to talk about “My body, my choice” lady don’t we? DON’T WE?? Here’s the thing… anti-vaxxers have tried to correct this phrase FOREVER. Like, we ignore them mostly because… they are nightmare people who should be ignored until they are forced to go live on anti-vaxx island somewhere and stop reintroducing measles into the population. But anyway, a protester this weekend (and again, these stupidass protesters who we HAVE to give media attention to for some fucking reason), held up a “My body my choice” sign at a protest for staying inside. THIS WAS ALSO IN TEXAS! LOLOLOLOLOL.

Here’s the effing thing like, this is so simple that it’s not even one of our main arguments it’s like the argument before the argument but… I guess we have to say it: Abortion is “my body my choice” because we literally cannot keep fucking explaining HOW FUCKING LITTLE what is going on INSIDE OUR OWN DAMN BODIES affects you, bro. IT DOESN’T AFFECT YOU IF WE HAVE AN ABORTION. You just PRETEND IT DOES.

BUT FOR THIS MASSIVE PANDEMIC SITUATION what’s going on inside your body VERY MUCH AFFECTS ME. Because we live in a fucking SOCIETY. So when you’re stupid ass goes outside and you have COVID-19 YOU COULD GIVE IT TO ME. AND GUESS WHAT THAT IS NOT MY CHOICE! 

So, again, unless you wanna go to some stupidass island where equal stupidass people like you live, maybe stay the eff home. 

But… ESPECIALLY LOL at making holding up that sign IN TEXAS where LITERALLY EVERY FUCKING YEAR politicians try to tell people that in fact it’s not their choice what they do with their body.

We don’t want to again END on the most OBVIOUS POINT but I mean, it has to be said: it’s not very “pro-life” to think that thousands of people need to die in order for you to get back to your favorite activity of yelling outside of clinics.