I’m writing this as a cis man, though not just any cis man (even though it should be every man). A cis man that errs on the side of decency; that does not see, nor relish in playing “Monopoly” with a woman’s health – where her only landing points are pregnancy, jail or death.

Frankly, I am writing this as a cis man who supports a person’s right to choose to have an abortion.

See how simple of a thing that is? Abortion is important. It’s medically necessary. But most important, IT’S NONE OF OUR FUCKING BUSINESS.

If you’ve been busy with personal issues, sick-and-shut-in, or simply tuning out all of the political tomfoolery unfolding in front of our eyes on a daily basis, there’s an issue that you need to make yourself very aware of in America. And that is the fact that, there is a war on women and people who need reproductive healthcare that has existed basically forever.

We’ve got President-Elect “Great Orange Pumpkin” being pro-choice one day, and the next day anti-choice. And now, a recent Slate article asks the question: “Is Roe v. Wade Really Doomed By Donald Trump?

Wait, what?

That question is exactly the problem, and a rather fine example of how complacency is also to blame for the outcome of this recent election.

Look, I get it. Trump is an ignorant hot mess, and has been proven to contradict himself more than a klan member, watching BET.

But we can’t “throw caution to the wind” when it comes to a very constitutionally-sound and life-saving procedure. Asking “but do ya think he’s actually gonna do it?” is dismissive, and we cannot afford being all “calm down, ladies” about it.

Nah. They’ve been calm. Quite frankly, they’ve “been calm” for too long, when you consider the shitty hand women have been dealt, as it relates to letting them decide what is best for their bodies and families.

Men, you HAVE TO educate yourself on the anti-abortion monsters in YOUR STATE, working their way into all women’s’ uteruses. If you think you don’t have any, believe me, you do. They are everywhere. Like roaches. Just uglier.

Oh and, for all of you “yeah man, that could be my “mom/sister/brother/cousin/grandma/aunt/favorite stripper/ etc etc etc etc etc” – STOP IT. Reproductive health (just like any other issue) should never be one that we shrug off, if it doesn’t affect us or someone we know.

And lastly, because this might be the boldest point I will make in this post –

When a cis gay man has to tell cis men-at-large: “HEY, SOMEONE PROTECT THE VAGINAS!!!” that’s how you know it’s serious.