In the continuation of our Lady Parts Justice League series, The Building of Sauron’s Army, we explore the key players that Donald Trump has chosen to surround himself with, his advisors and people he’s appointing to his cabinet, all of whom are strongly anti-choice.

Today we add a new member to the forces of evil: Rick Perry.

Rick Perry, total Orc, has been tapped by Trump to be the next Secretary of Energy. A Department that Perry himself said he would cut but at the same time forgot the name of during a debate. Perhaps there's a chance he'll fire himself.

Perry (who once stated that he reminded himself of Han Solo — HELLO, do you not even understand Star Wars — you so clearly represent the Evil Empire, not those fighting against it) is the Ex-Governor of Texas and an established anti-choice proponent.

Perry opposes federal funding for abortion and is against stem cell research. (Oh good, why bother helping people live longer, healthier lives when the world is going to implode anyway?!)

You may remember Perry’s crowning (between my legs) anti-abortion achievement in 2013 when he signed the Texas HB2 bill into effect that banned abortions after 20wks and required clinics to have admitting privileges to local hospitals, along with a myriad of other provisions (trap laws), forcing clinics to close across Texas.

Rick Perry, who announced his failed run for Republican Prez nominee to the tune of Colt Ford’s rap/country song “Answer to No One” now will answer to Trump, who clearly answers to Satan (and Russia). Gird your loins!