Oh. My. God. What a bizarrely twisted train-wreck-dog-vomit-bat-shit-clusterfuck of a week this was. If this week was an odor, you’d be checking the crawlspaces to see what curled up and died.

Civility? Sanity? The Social Fabric? Or just about 98 percent of Roseanne Barr’s frazzled synapses? And what have we come to when somebody spews racist flapjack conspiracy drivel, and all you can think is “It’s only Tuesday.”

In this holiday-shortened and sanity-free week we calmly made three main points—1) you need to register and vote because 2) the consequences are real, and, 3) people have dedicated their lives to safeguarding your rights.

Thus: 1) Before Roseanne decided to launch her ICB-Crazies, we were pointing out the lesson of the weekend’s FUCKING GLORIOUS VICTORY in the Irish referendum on abortion. And that lesson is REGISTER AND VOTE! Or stare blankly at your TV as our world relentlessly morphs into Gilead. The vast majority of people support abortion rights. We have the numbers—we can’t let extremists impose their asshole agendas…

2) …like in ARKANSAS this week. There the womb inspectors have stretched the concept of TRAP laws (already ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court) to the point of snapping by forcing clinics that perform medication abortions to have “admitting privileges” with local hospitals. Complicated, but not to the real flesh-and-blood patients who had to be told their procedures were cancelled when the Supreme Court inexplicably turned refused to hear a case challenging those laws. Their situation is simple—they’re screwed.

3) Finally, yesterday we marked the anniversary of the murder of Dr. George Tiller. Rather than rail about his killer, #WeHonorDrTillerBecause he was a kind and fearless man who spent his life helping people in need. And more importantly, let’s honor him by helping his colleague Dr. Leroy Carhart in his quest to train a new generation of providers. There are only 3 doctors in America currently trained to perform often necessary and life-saving late-term procedures. Help ensure those who need help in the future have access to that help: https://abortionaccessfund.org/donate/

That was from us, your voice of reason for the week. Maybe next week the world we be as shit-together as we are. Either way, stop by here for a reality check.