Well y’all, yesterday as we were frantically launching our badass new March on Abortion Rights Madness video, there were major news stories and activists activating in Ohio, Georgia, and Indiana. Y’all- We can’t take a moment away from the news without being  like “Wait, ok, where is this one at? Has the house voted yet on this one? Who can we contact for this one?” And it kinda made us be like “Are these harder to keep track of than usual??” And like, MAYBE because according to Guttmacher there have been 304 abortion restrictions proposed by states THIS YEAR! Like, our heartbeat bill board is FULL!

Here’s the update: in Georgia, you still need to be contacting the House there! Because TWO people need to defect to tank the bill and ACCORDING TO THIS ARTICLE ABOUT A FACEBOOK VIDEO (we live in hell) that could be possible.

In Indiana, GUESS WHAT the SOUTH BEND CLINIC IS STILL NOT OPEN. This is supposed to be a clinic that just provides medication abortion. Which like, is for very early abortion, which… like… guys, MEDICATION ABORTION IS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE! This is a ridiculous battle!

And for Ohio, idk what’s going on there.

Moving on…

JK JK, in Ohio the great folks are fighting against a CARDIAC POLE bill and they need you to testify!

OK so you aren’t full sadness, this is actually really great news brought to you by the badass activists in North Carolina. A judge ruled the 20 week abortion ban is unconstitutional! BECAUSE IT OBVS IS! And so are these 6 week ones!

So keep fighting the good fight everyone. And sorry this is all so overwhelming sometimes.