There’s an old adage you’re maybe taught when you’re younger, to say at parties to seem progressive, but not too progressive: no one is pro-abortion.

Fuck that. We’ve tried being kind and cordial and meeting in the middle and LOOK what the eff happened. These fucks are trying to ban abortion at 6-weeks with no exception. These anti-abortion creeps are demanding people get pelvic exams twice before taking the effing abortion pill. These losers are saying that in order to get FAMILY PLANNING (title X) money you can’t even SAY the word “abortion.”

So we implore you: SAY ABORTION! Say it loud! Say it proud! Be pro-abortion. Pro-abortion when it’s someone who desparately needs one to survive and pro-abortion when it’s someone who forgot their birth control and pro-abortion when it’s somehow who is always super careful but the condom broke and pro-abortion when it’s someone who forgot to wear a condom and pro-abortion regardless of the circumstance and pro-abortion because you can’t shame people into acting the way you think is right and the way you think is right is COMPLETELY arbitrary anyway! 

That’s what we did all week and it felt damn good. Sure we had some “Honk for Choice” signs. But we also told people HONK FOR ABORTION! Abortion is healthcare, healthcare is a right. 

Today we wanted to give a huge shoutout to some of the many people who were pro-abortion with us! Follow them on social media, volunteer with them, donate with them, they are all the best!

In Wisconsin!

And nationally!


Abortion summer camp forever, y’all! We love you! We love abortion! #AbortionAF