“More than 50 million babies have been aborted in the United States since the Roe decision in 1973, more than three times the number who were killed in German death camps, Chinese purges, Stalin's gulags, Cambodian killing fields, and the Rwandan genocide combined…” YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS! THIS IS WRITTEN INTO AN ACTUAL BILL IN ALABAMA! A BILL TO CHARGE ALL PROVIDERS WHO PERFORM ABORTIONS WITH A CLASS A FELONY. When can we just say… enough. Like, enough of us having to… deal with these people, talk to these people, try to reason with this people, try to beg for agency to these people. Like… what is WRONG with them? You shouldn’t HAVE to try to reason with someone who… clearly is so far gone they can’t be reasoned with. Like… HOW can this be how you feel? How can you HONESTLY believe “hey I am a real human being that exists in society… you know, the Holocaust was a horrific example of human depravity and evil… let me take that to argue that a clump of cells is a person.” Like… COME ON. Sometimes we try to like, be empathetic with these people… but guess what, they do not deserve it. Because, look at how little they care about actual human life. LOOK AT HOW LITTLE! That they would use this destruction and sadness and be like “this works good for our bill to put doctors in jail for 99 years. Real cool.” We shouldn’t have to… even associate with them. We shouldn’t have to take their phone calls. We shouldn’t have to ARGUE with them. THIS IS SO UNREASONABLE. So anyway, they’re trying to get to the Supreme Court today (lolololololol forever, good luck booking that stage you speak of”) by passing a bill with NO RAPE EXCEPTIONS (lol real cool how much they care about human life) that would make performing abortions a Class A felony. Basically all the losers in the senate have co-sponsored it. We’ll see what happens. POWER House is working really hard to fight it and we appreciate them. But seriously donate to them today and do whatever they say. LOOK AT THE PURE IDIOCY THEY ARE UP AGAINST!