We’re not mad OK, just disappointed. And, oh, OK, mad too. You see, last weekend there were a bunch of anti-abortion Voldemort marches across the United States. And by “a bunch” we mean like, 3, but that’s still too many. I mean, IN SAN FRANCISCO?!?!? We thought so much better of you, San Fran. This is like how there’s an anti-abortion bill being introduced in MFing WASHINGTON right now. It’s like, where are we supposed to fantasize about visiting for our abortion vacation now (oh shit, we’re not supposed to talk about those… completely fake things that anti-abortion politicians pretend are real)?

Apparently a few prominent “we hate people with uteruses” groups missed the event. And to this we say “WHAT THE FUCK ELSE WERE YOU DOING?” Like, isn’t this your whole thing? Your only message. You like, couldn’t be bothered?

But the March angle we’re maddest about comes out of ILLINOIS where they emphasized the importance of adoption. DO NOT BRING ADOPTION INTO THIS.

Reading this article, we’re reminded of this great Willie Parker quote from the Atlantic:

“Adoption and abortion don’t have anything to do with each other. When a woman’s pregnant she has two options. She can continue her pregnancy or she can end it. For a woman who decides she can’t end the pregnancy, she can then consider parenting or adoption.”

We love adoption, but we have to agree with Willie Parker here, bringing adoption into all this is … ignoring the issue. And also let’s be clear, there are DEFINITELY more kids (who aren’t babies) in foster care and up for adoption than there are parents looking for kids. Or at least there are kids who need a little extra help who … no one will adopt. And in the case of South Carolina, there are parents who desperately want kids but are LEGALLY being denied the right to adopt because of their sexuality or religion.

So like, maybe don’t just argue that every person with an unwanted pregnancy can just DEFINITELY find a good family for her kid. Because like everything with anti-abortion extremists, they want to argue that the world is black and white and everything works out as it’s supposed to. AND THAT IS NEVER THE CASE.