Maybe it’s just a bad Monday mood caused by massive train delays, but we can’t help but notice all the cis men out here trying to tell us how to live our lives!!! First there was obvious narc James Comey this weekend pleading (on Twitter), “Democrats, please, please don’t lose your minds and rush to the socialist left. This president and his Republican Party are counting on you to do exactly that. America’s great middle wants sensible, balanced, ethical leadership.”


And furthermore, isn’t it funny how the people who have made the biggest mess now think they get to tell us how to BEST clean it up. And isn’t it funny that WE’RE supposed to be the evenhanded group that lets EVERYONE feels comfortable while the other side is basically just smearing shit on the wall?

We were already mad because it’s humid and rainy in NYC and then we see a headline like this “Democrats are entirely too focused on abortion.” UGHHHHH. Here’s a select quote from the LA Times opinion piece: “Out of all the pressing issues the Supreme Court confronts, why should abortion — an issue that divides the Democratic Party as well as the country — marshal such attention.”

Abortion doesn’t “divide” the Democratic party. It doesn’t even really divide America. MOST PEOPLE think abortion should be legal. People who push this bullshit language about abortion being still up in the air in the court of public opinion are the divisive ones! They’ll cut you off in line then ask why you’re acting like such a bitch. They’re the guys who make a mess in the office microwave and then say, “You’re really better at cleaning that.”

Honestly, it seems like a lot of people have been really calm and chill about reproductive rights (backburnering the shit out of it, we mean) to appease the haters for a while and LOOK WHERE WE ENDED UP! Reproductive rights are in greater jeopardy than EVER BEFORE!

So how about you stopping telling us to “just like, be considerate of all opinions” when the other side is sending letters to the neighbors of abortion providers saying that a murderer lives near them. Or when doctors and pharmacists are risking people’s lives because they just like, don’t feel comfortable doing their job if it involves someone they think they’re morally superior to.  Or when a judge rules that standing in front of a door and blocking a person’s entrance to a clinic ISN’T HARASSMENT.

Sorry we’re not TO THE MIDDLE enough for you maniacs. It’s weird how we can’t just like, calm down and passively take our subjugation in the hopes that you’ll throw us an olive branch sometimes.

Last week’s encounters in Indianapolis REAFFIRMED how scary the anti-abortion sidewalk screamers could be. It’s worth a watch to see people who claim to be so compassionate about a clump of cells… instantly reveal their true, hateful selves. HATEFUL ABOUT EVERYTHING.

So let’s begin the week looking in the mirror and repeating a mantra to ourselves: WE WILL NEVER CALM DOWN! Good, now punch that mirror in anger and let’s get to work!