Well gang, we are off! We are counter-protesting the hate group Operation Save Abortion all week in Milwaukee! So the blog is gonna become more of a travelogue of our experiences! We dubbed them the Garbage Fyre Fest because they are a notorious disaster. We are the Garbage Fyre Fighters, countering them!

But you might be asking: why go after such a fringe group? And to that we’d say: have you SEEN the news recently. The fringe has BECOME the mainstream. These bigots are in power, we need to stop pretending there’s some like, dope middle ground that if we just TALKED to each other we’d all get to some collective truth. NO there is just a bunch of angry people yelling that gay people aren’t real people and then like, getting to talk to governors and dictate what laws are written. HAVE YOU SEEN all the six week bans that passed this year?? 

And as half our office is in a car on the road, we get news today that Oklahoma’s district court upheld the ban on the SAFEST second-trimester abortion procedure.

THIS IS WHAT WE MEAN BY THE EXTREMISTS ARE WINNING! Because DOCTORS are not fucking BIASED! They just KNOW MORE. Being BIASED is not the same as “having a medical degree and thus an ACTUAL fucking ability to talk about what’s best for the patient! 

They’ve taken FAMILY PLANNING money (Title X) and decided “Naw, we don’t have to actually help people, we’re just gonna forbid everyone from even SAYING abortion, and also give this to people who don’t provide birth control and also just like, not do anything to improve healthcare.” AND the THEY we are talking about here is OUR GOVERNMENT.

The extremists are already here. And it’s high time we started fighting back a little harder, coming to them where THEY are at. Not just being defensive and fighting back in court. But putting on a good offense and showing them what they spew is NOT OK. 

So off we go!