People who follow us and read this blog: we love you.  Abortion providers: we love you. Clinic escorts: we love you.

See, we’ve decided to not be completely cynical today, because why not share a little love!

Mississippi politicians who just passed a definitely unconstitutional “heartbeat” bill even after your 15-week ban was ruled unconstitutional: we don’t love you, but we want to gift you a math class!

Ohio politicians who keep trying to pass a heartbeat bill: we don’t love you, but we wish your constituents a renewed fire in their bellies to defend clinics and build a community around Preterm!!!

Indiana’s new attempt to ban D&E abortions, we do not love you. But we wish for the absurdity of not allowing doctors to USE CERTAIN TOOLS in performing procedures to WAKE PEOPLE UP to realize “hey, maybe we don’t wanna be like… telling doctor show to best do their job. I mean, I got me appendix out and it wouldn’t have been possible without, you know, equipment.”

Randall Terry, we do not love you and your completely bizarre “street theater” going after the amazing Reproductive Health Act. But we do love going to Albany to troll you. SEE THE VIDEO HERE!

States, like Illinois, who see all the mania from the right that is surrounding the Reproductive Health Act in New York, and that are, instead of backing down, deciding, “Hey, this RHA seems pretty cool, let’s get one,” we love you!


Happy V Day! Don’t forget to take your birth control!